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    Escape room?
    Escape room games started as online video games and have now been turned into real life entertainment. Hugely popular all over Europe and Asia, these escape games, exit rooms, and escape rooms have started popping up all over the USA.
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    What do you do in an escape room?
    Your ultimate goal is to escape. The final door in the puzzle room is locked and your team must find clues, solve puzzles, and work together to find the final key and unlock the exit door. The challenge is to escape the room in 1 hour or less.
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    Are we actually locked in?
    Yes! ... ...ok no, you're not actually locked in...but we don't want that to ruin the suspense. The door you come in through will remain open for safety reasons. The final door that you must escape through IS LOCKED!
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    What do we get if we escape in less than 1 hour?
    Respect and a high-five! We will also put the fastest times up on our website and on our Facebook page. The teams with the fastest times after we discountinue a room will be given free escape room adventures games to use on another room.
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    How much does it cost?
    The base price is $25 per person for a group of four. The bigger your groups the lower the price is per person. Check out our bookings page here for more details.
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    How should I book my adventure?
    The easiest way for everyone is to book it online. Head to our booking page and input your information. If you're a more face-to-face or cash-is-king kind of person you can call us at 716-909-6907 and we'll reserve your escape room time. We require a $100 down payment to save your spot. You can pay the rest when you arrive.
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    When should I arrive?
    Please arrive at your booking time with your whole group. Arriving early is definitely ok! This way you can check out our awesome lounge! After you arrive we will walk you through the rules, have you sign a waiver form, and take you through the pre-puzzle room.
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    Accident Waiver Form
    Everyone in your group will need to sign a liability waiver form before heading into the room. We never expect anything serious or dangerous to ever happen...but people can be crazy.
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    Is there an age limit?
    There is no age restriction, but we recommend ages 7 and up for most of our rooms. The puzzles can be difficult and we design them with adults in mind. Some rooms might also be a bit darker and more intense so please keep that in mind as you book your adventure. Ages 1 year to 91 years old have gone through our rooms successfully! Ages 5 and under are free.
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    Where are you?
    We are located on historic Webster Street in North Tonawanda (not Oliver Street...) We are on the third floor of the big brick building. We are located above Canal Club 62 and across from the Riviera Theater. Unfortunately there is no elevator yet in this historic building.
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    Can I bring a group of more than 8 people?
    Sure! But please call us ahead of time. Most of our rooms can be very crowded with more than 8 so you might be better off dividing your group into two smaller groups and book two rooms. Corporate meetings, private parties and the like are also cool! Call for special pricing.
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    Where should I park?
    There is some parking all along Webster Street in front of our building. If that's full, there is a large parking lot located across the street behind our building. Take the walkway along the side to reach Webster Street.
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