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All our rooms are originally designed and built by our family. 
You won't find these puzzles anywhere else!

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Escape from Wonderland

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You and your group of wanderers have stumbled into Wonderland. Alice and the other inhabitants are nowhere to be found, but they left clues for you to follow.

With the Queen of Hearts breathing murderous threats down your neck (which she would like to detach from your head), make your way through this whimsical room full of riddles, tea, puzzles, games, and a bit of danger.

If you get stuck don't lose your head.
We're all mad here, there's nothing to dread.

Average Success Rate: 39%
This room can be tricky, it is full of riddles and requires some physical activity including crawling and climbing. 

Escape from 108 Ocean Ave.

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As part of a dare from some of your friends, you've gone inside this infamous house to investigate. Originally 112 Ocean Avenue, the owners of the house hope to cover up the tragic past by renumbering the house as 108 Ocean Avenue. It doesn't seem to change anything as the dark past of this house hits you like a cold brick wall when you enter the upstairs bedroom.

Suddenly the door slams shut behind you. Is someone playing a trick on you? Is the house trying to claim it's next victims? 

You have 1 hour to uncover the story behind the horrific events in this house and escape. If you fail, your team will become just another set of names on a growing list of murders associated with this house. 

They say the former owner lost his mind in this house...try not to lose yours. 

Average Success Rate: 73%
Spooky and themed around a murder, but its not quite as scary as a haunted house.
Great for first time Escape Artists.

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The Pumpkin King's Christmas

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Somewhere between Halloween Town and Christmas Town, you have just fallen into a trap!

The Boogie Man and his minons have kidnapped the true Pumpkin King. They plan to rule Halloween and ruin Christmas!

Can your group escape in time to save both holidays?

Average Success Rate: 77%
This puzzzle CANNOT be completed without at least 4 people in your group...because of reasons.

This is a fun filled room mixing Halloween and Christmas. It is not very scary and it is not physically demanding. 

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